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Welcome Aboard!

We are Sailing enthusiasts. We race our sailboat on Lake Erie, here in Monroe, Michigan. We love to sail and log about 1500 miles every season. Yacht racing is a lot of fun, although it does require a real team effort. We have a very dedicated crew who love sailing & racing as much as we do. Our home port is Monroe Boat Club at Bolles Harbor in Monroe Michigan on the western shore of Lake Erie. 

We previously owned a 1988 Cal 33 sailboat, Fair Winds. In the fall of 2002, we decided it was time for a change. After 15 years and nearly 20,000 mile logged under her keel and she served us well. Winning more races than I can count, but never our AYC championships. Lots of 1st in class and seconds over all. The crew had made lots of suggestions as to what they wanted to help out. Some wanted the boat to be faster (new sails), some wanted more comfort (new cushions).  New winches, and a bigger wheel were suggested, & Sue was looking for refrigeration, no more bags of ice.

Well, we ventured of to the local fall boat show looking for a small sail boat, and bigger power boat. Well the best laid plans... We walked away with the idea to purchase a larger sail boat. Sue knew we were in trouble when I had gone back to look at it 3 times. We had to accomplish 3 additional things: take the boat for a test sail, not once but twice, a cruise in extremely light air and then in a blow. Well that's Michigan weather. Things went very well with our test sail the performance was better than expected. Number two was work out a deal for the departure of our 1988 Cal 33. It's scary but everything there also worked out. Well we still had to accomplish number 3, determine what else is out there. Off to the Annapolis fall boat show. After 4 days of looking at just about every boat on the market, we decided to purchase the Beneteau 36.7. We signed the bottom line as the 30th Beneteau sold at the show. Delivery was scheduled for March of 2003, hull number 100. Be sure to visit the Beneteau 36.7 page for more details about the boat.

1983 Cal 33 Hull #35 - Picture Taken Spring 1983Our longest sailboat race is the Trans Erie Race between Erie PA and Grosse Ile MI. (There's a lot of Lake Erie water between here and there to sail.) The 2001 Trans Erie Race was the 5th annual. This a great sailboat race, and sails from Grosse Ile to Erie this year. Check out their web site:

Our other big Sailing race is the Mills Trophy Race. The race starts at the Toledo Harbor Light and ends at Put In Bay, by way of Niagara Reef, Sandusky Ohio, the South East Shoal Light, to the north of  Canada's Pelee Island and Middle Bass Island, the home of the Lonz Winery. The Mills Race has a long history of racing on Lake Erie and was a navigator's challenge in the days before Loran and GPS. The 2001 race was the 78th running of this race. It has often been described as big party that's interrupted by a race. More information on the race can be found at the Toledo Yacht Club web site.

We race under the Lake Erie Performance Handicap Racing Formula, PHRF for short, which allows us to race against boats that are different than ours. The rating system is based on seconds per mile so, depending on the distance of the race, we either "owe" smaller, lighter boats time or are "allowed" time over larger, heavier boats for that race. Usually it works out, although there is always a lot discussion after the race! There are several races over the course of the summer which count toward the Associated Yacht Club, AYC, Championship Series.

Our outstanding crew makes it possible for us to cover so many racing miles every year. Be sure to visit them on the Crew Page. We are often asked what we do to keep good crew. In one word, ownership. No, they don't actually own the boat. (We take care of the bills!) But, we want everyone on the crew to think of the boat as their own. Everyone is invited to help prepare the boat in the spring and to reap the rewards at the Crew Dinner at the end of the year.  With the help of our friend  Don, who has 25 plus years of one-design racing aboard his Catalina 22, we have worked hard to develop a winning team. The skipper is never allowed to yell at the crew, except words of encouragement. We are looking for anyone interested in learning this exciting sport and willing to commit a few hours per week to join our crew. Whether we win or lose, we are there to have a good time.