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What a motley looking bunch!

Start of the 2004 Trans Erie - Erie Yacht Club

Back Row: Don, Doug, Matt, Erica, Phyllis
Front Row: Dave, Chris, Sue

2003 Trans Erie - A slow start

Anyone Got A Beer?
Sometimes things are a little relaxed when the "skipper" not on board, as can be seen for this photo. (He was the one taking the picture!) This was prior to the start of 2003 Trans Erie, waiting for wind to fill in to start the 140 mile race. The was one of the first long distance races for Sho-Wae-Cae-Mette.

The ride home from a cold wet Mills Trophy Race

Just when you think it can't get any worse!
Cards anyone?

Erica lines up the water line for painting

Afterall the sanding the bottom is all most completed

But really, our hats are off to our crew for their hard work and dedication to the program. It's because of their dedication we are able to put this program together. From preparing the boat, to transporting the boat to many of the regattas outside of the Monroe area.

Gordy checks out the competeters cradle

Gordy measures up the competition for the new cradle.

A cradle worthy of the Queen Mary

A BIG THANKS to our long time permanent crew member Gordy for the construction of the awesome cradle. Fit for the Queen Mary!

Gordy mix's the drinks after the 03 Trans Erie - but he didn't race!

Of course after the racing it's time to chill out and have some fun! Gordy mixes the drinks at the hotel after a long Trans Erie.


A Captain's "Hats Off" to our crew for their Outstanding Performance & Hard Work!


If you're interested in joining our crew we welcome people of any skill level.

We're HOT to hear from you!





Interested in Joining the

If you would like to join our crew, we invite all sailors no matter their sailing skill. Checkout the WEB site & schedule, and drop us a note at: